Rest Up

REST! Y'all we need it. Black women especially. Studies show that we are suffering the most from not getting enough rest. So many times, we are spreading ourselves thin as parents, spouses, professionals, children and entrepreneurs. Like - I am all of these things - right now, actively. While many of us may be thriving, we are sacrificing our health to do it. I am super guilty of not knowing how to shut it down. My husband literally comes and closes my laptop and takes me into the bedroom on some nights. I'll admit sometimes I do have a lot of work, but as I analyze it more - it's bad time management. I should be able to do all that needs to get done before 7pm - as it relates to work. However, I work when the house is quiet. I am still working on this and figuring it out. But what I do know for sure is that we must get rest.

Now my friends will tell you that I will fall asleep at the drop of the dime, in the middle of a whole conversation. I know there are many things contributing to this. As a person who is obese and with a history with diabetes, I definitely need to tighten up. I'd love to blame this all on the lack of sleep and not the lack of activity and healthy eating. Sleep does play a major role in weight gain, heart issues, diabetes and other health problems. Did you know that Black women suffer from insomnia more than most others? I am glad I don't suffer from insomnia but I do have a sleep apnea machine (that I don't use - shame) and I used to have narcoleptic tendencies. Now, when I decide to go to sleep, it's a wrap. I don't like noise and light when I'm trying to sleep. My husband and I bump heads all of the time, because he is the opposite. We just try to compromise. Me: "Can you turn it down from theatre level volume and not watch movies like the Godfather before we go to sleep! You'll never get your mind right for REM sleep!" Him: "If you sleepy, you gone sleep through all of this!" Me: (five minutes later) sucking the air out of the room!!! Haaaa!

And have you ever gotten up and felt like you didn't get any sleep. You've been sleep for six hours but you feel like you just laid it down. That's because you haven't truly gotten into a deep, REM sleep. While I know I don't experience that often, the times that I have, it's been magical for me the next day. Alright - check out some ways you can get your best life and rest below.

(Info from Niema Jordan for Essence)

Here are few ways to help you get a better night's rest:

1. Meditate

2. Explore Therapy

3. Change Your Routine

4. Upgrade Your Bed

5. Block Out The Light

6. Earbuds

7. Good Pillows

8. White Noise

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