Career Switch After 40

Changing careers after 40. How many of you are reading this at your job ret naaaaah (right now) - wishing you could be doing something else? I'm not talking about you want to go to a new company in a similar field. I mean an extreme situation like - you are an engineer but you truly want to be a history teacher. I've heard this situation before; and it's more common than you may think. Obviously there are so many layers to making a career switch after 40. Most would assume that you've been doing what you love or what's grown on you for a number of years; and that you'll just stick with it. The salary difference is the most hindering factor in making the switch. The other is the education and training that may be required in another field. And let's not mention if you have a family that is depending on that income - the pressure and sacrifice is real!

I was reading First Lady Michelle Obama's book and she went through something very similar. She was a high earning attorney at a top Chicago firm, but she was unhappy. She wasn't fulfilled with her work. She ended up taking a county/city job making significantly less - but she felt like her daily grind was worth something. She had passion and a desire to serve the people. She made the decision to go after her hearts desire. I respect that wholeheartedly. Real talk - if you are unhappy where you are, you need to move on to something else. Stress will kill you. Although, you may not feel the affects of it; trust it is chipping away with each eye you roll and hard tap on the keyboard!

Change is uncomfortable, but it usually creates an amazing outcome. If you know in your heart what you have a strong passion for, go after that. If it is your gift, it is selfish not to use it! Fear is the devil; Don't let the devil use you!!! Go after what God has given you the talent for. Life is too short to be miserable - PERIODT! Ok - Okay!!

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