Love Is An Action

It is normal for the fun and excitement in the early stages of a marriage to lessen over time. Marriages do get challenging and spending time with your significant other can start to feel more like a chore than a choice. It doesn’t have to be this way though! Here are a few ways to keep your marriage/relationship fresh, blissful and out of a rut.

  • Communicate Effectively

Effective communication is a sure fire way to keep your marriage interesting. Communication helps you discover how your partner wants to be loved; and vice versa. You both have to understand each others’ love languages.

Remember that your spouse is not a mind reader; so always be vocal about what you want. If you require changes in your relationship, don’t be afraid to talk about it. Let them know you appreciate them and always say thank you even for the little things. Be honest even when you’re ashamed. Admit when you are wrong; and don’t gloat when you are right. Notice your spouse and be aware of changes in their appearance. Complement them when they change their hairstyle or buy new clothes. And congratulate them when they make professional advancements.

  • Learn Something New Together

Studies have shown that couples that participate in new and exciting activities together are more committed and less likely to lose interest. It might be unsettling to put yourself in a position where you do not know what to expect, but learning something new together can be really arousing. In moments like this, you tend to rely on your partner and vice versa. Your relationship will never lose its spark if you discover new activities and do things out of the ordinary. Try new foods, learn a dance, go skydiving etc. Just be brave and open to explore together.

  • Get Frisky

Sex is an important part of married life and relationships period. Sex keeps your lives playful, emotional and close. However when a family starts to grow and responsibilities increase, bedroom activities can take a backseat as the couple easily get tired and intimate moments get rushed. Indeed, family life can make it hard to maintain an interesting sex life, but that should not be an excuse to let it deteriorate. So take some time out and plan for it. Plan a weekend together, take the kids to stay with your parents for a while, lodge in a hotel or come home while they are at school. Remember to keep it fun. It is not a chore. Remember the energy and effort you put into pleasing your partner when you first met and maintain it.

  • Live By Your Own Relationship Rules

Marriages/relationships vary and there is no perfect formula for a successful one. One key way to remaining blissful is by defining what a ‘’perfect marriage/relationship’’ is for you. Do what makes you and your spouse happy from household roles to the handling of finances. Figure out the things that make YOUR union interesting and listen less to what society or even your family says. Keep the focus on yourselves and your needs and ignore what the world says you need to do.

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