4 Reasons to Learn a New Language

Telling anyone to learn a second language, aside from their Mother Tongue, can be a herculean task. This is especially true if the person in question is between the ages of 30 - 50, and happens to be an African American.

Most of the people in this category tend to believe that they can't pull through, with learning a different language, asides the English language, which is their first language. They’re may be so many excuses ranging from being too old, bad timing, etc. Some even go as far as saying they don't think learning a second language would be of any benefit to them.

The simple truth is however - that’s where they get it all wrong. Learning a new language, a different distinct language for that matter, has absolutely nothing to with age or race. As a matter of a fact, an African American from the age of 30 - 50 year old, has all it takes, to learn any language they want to learn. They are courageous, intelligent, open-minded, strong-willed and dedicated. These are all the qualities needed to take up any new challenge.

Yes, learning a new language can take time, and could be difficult at first; but the ends justify the means. The results and benefits will definitely justify the time and hard work. There are very cogent reasons and benefits of learning a second language, regardless of the status, culture and age. Take a look!

Benefits of Learning a Second Language

  • Job Opportunities: Learning a second language, exposes you to new and amazing job opportunities. There are lots of companies/organizations who need bilingual speakers for their branches in different parts of the world. This will open up many more doors and usually comes with much more cash! Your new language may also inspire you to become an entrepreneur.

  • Connections and Cross Cultural Friendship: Another exciting reason to learn a second language, is building new connections with native speakers of the language. As a bilingual speaker, you'd have the opportunity to visit and truly get connected to relative countries. It will make a big difference when you visit, you'd feel at home trust us, because you are no longer a tourist, but family, you're a son/daughter of the land, by virtue of language. You'd learn more about new cultures and ways of life. You'd meet amazing people, try different cuisines (even learn how to make them), learn new dances, games and songs.

  • Boost Your Brain: Learning a language will help ignite your passion, and boost your memory. Your brain gets the needed prodding, as you advance in your learning. You tap into the sleeping receptive part of your brain, giving them 'chores' to do, hence sharpening their rough and dull edges.

  • Changed mindset and worldview: Learning a second language forces you to reflect on your view of the world and life; and may change your orientation. The experience will broaden your horizon, push you to think deeper, and reevaluate your thoughts.

Are you still doubting the importance of learning another language, even if you’re older? Don't be your own barrier! You can do anything and be anything, including a bilingual speaker. All it takes is for you to be determined, resilient, dedicated, focused, results oriented and hardworking! You’ve got this! Caio! Adios! Arrivederci! Auf Wiedersehen! Sayonara! Zàijiàn!

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