That Sex Drive

I hope that you are well. Happy Tuesday to you all. Can you believe it's almost February already!? The year is going to fly by. I just pray that I have enough discipline and consistency to make some of the things I have on my dream list come to reality!!! It's going to be a winning Wednesday tomorrow, so make sure you are paying attention to the email and social media pages. Last week, I went to an event in Orlando called the Exchange. It was hosted by the NFL Alumni and I had a really good time. I was feeling and looking sexy (so says my hubby) and just had a great time in my element - networking.

I feel like I am getting back to "me" -- if that makes sense. My mothers in the family truly understand! It is important to feel sexy and driven. For me, when I am moving and shaking an doing what I do best - it activates other things!!! :). So many times, I hear men and women talking about how they aren't getting none - meaning sex, especially older, married folks. Don't get me wrong, I've heard it from young, single people too. What we all know for sure is that sex isn't just about the act itself. There are so many other variables that come into play.

First, of course, the right person. It doesn't matter if it's the milk man or your man. The vibe has to be right, right? We have to be in the right mindset. In all honesty, sometimes we just aren't. The woman may be ready and the man is thinking about the deal he's about the close the next day. Meeeeh, it happens. The atmosphere plays a part too. Some people can't deal with noise - like TVs and radios. There are so many things that impact our sex lives.

It may just be the sex drive, which may need a little rev every now and again. We, as adults, go through times where we are "in heat" and want sex everyday, twice a day. Other times, we could go for two months without it and be perfectly ok. The human body is a wonder, truly it is. Our sex drive is affected by several factors - weight, hormonal balance, sleep, aphrodisiacs and more. Figure out what makes your sexual engine run hot and keep it going. However, tt's equally important to know what drains the battery! Find the balance and you could probably save the world! :).

Take a look at some ways to get your sex drive back in gear!


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