Put Some Soul In It...

I am so so glad to still be in the number, still be here to talk to you about whatever is on my brain. I pray that you will continue to support us as we grow. I just have to say that, you know, we go through life and we try to maintain everything we have on our plates, but sometimes it's just damn hard. So with that being said, we are back and we are excited for another chance to get it together!!!

Of course, with the new year, we have new year's resolutions or things that we say that we're going to get done. I have been following the new vegan hustle and/or lifestyle. It's not new to our culture, but it's definitely picking up steam. I have done the JJ Smith green smoothie plan and I started the new year with a raw diet earlier last week. I haven't done as well with it, but I am committed to getting back on the saddle with that. One thing is for sure, I am certainly feeling the benefits of a mostly vegan lifestyle, not doing as much meat. In addition, my husband and son are okay with it, too.

As I learn to research and try to figure out a little bit more about the vegan lifestyle, it's it's interesting to see how vegans are treated. When they go to like family/social outings and such, people come slick out the mouth - "Oh now you don't eat meat! You grew up on it and you're doing just fine! Now you're too good for it." However, I don't think that's it! I think just like education, religion or finances - when we learn and research a little bit more, we change our habits. If you know better, we should want to do better.

History definitely plays a part in the way that we eat. We grew up on the foods that are grandparents/parents knew how to cook and prepare, which is certainly influenced by our history. So the chitlins, neckbones, fat back, fried chicken/fish and all this other stuff, a lot of Black people don't eat anymore. I am from the back woods of GA, so you know I came up on that! It is tradition and almost homage to the ancestors. As good as it taste, it is proving not to be the best for us. This is my personal experience. I will eat it, but not often.

I am following a new brand called Me So Vegan, which is a couple out of California who have started to really change their diet and and leave the meat alone. I've known them for quite a while and they look amazing. Once again, I'm not saying I'm going to completely give up meat, but I want to learn more about what I'm putting in my body. I'm getting older; I have a son and I really do want to do better for him and teach him better habits. So, if that means cutting back on the meat, then that shall be a part of our family.

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