September is Great for Travel

September, just after Labor Day, is one of the best times to travel in the U.S. With vacation season winding down and schools back in session, those who travel from mid-September through October typically enjoy off peak rates and great weather. So if you love the sun but not the crowds, consider a late vacation or an extended weekend getaway in September. Booking now also gives you the best blend of price and availability. Here are just a few destinations recommended this time of year:

Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Turks & Caicos While the off peak season in the Bahamas runs from late spring through late fall, temperatures inSeptember become quite nice, with trade winds that ensure a comfortable stay in accommodations without air conditioning. Prices drop significantly through hurricane season, despite that storms are fairly infrequent. Storms more frequently pound the U.S. mainland this time of year, so take advantage of this misconception and the low prices that come with it.

Orlando, Florida Orlando theme parks attract families, so it is most busy when kids are on vacation from school during the summer. That said, the best time to go is during the academic year. September and October are the best months to go because prices are lower, the weather is still warm, and you will avoid the masses of families with children.

Las Vegas, Nevada In the fall months, Las Vegas is preparing itself for their “calm” season, so the city lowers its prices to keep casinos clanging and clubs booming. The weather begins to cool off as things slow down. So if you don’t mind the city a little quiet than normal, September/October is the prime time for you.

New Orleans, Louisiana September/October is one of the best times of the year to visit ‘Nawlins’. The tourism traffic slows down, temperatures cool off, the humidity disappears, and prices drop. This phenomenon of good weather is no secret, so make sure you begin booking in advance. The weather changes quickly so keep a close eye on the forecast during this time of the year.

(Reference Source Surge365) Debora Barr 813 417-6654 - Travel Technology Professional Please feel free to contact me with any travel inquiries. My services are always free.

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