Sex Does The Body Good

Is your sex life poppin’? Yes, we are openly discussing sex. All of you sensitive, shy folks might want to exit. We won’t get raunchy, but you know how I am. I keep it all the way real with my family. Sex is good for your physical and mental health. It may not always work out for the emotional you – if the situation isn’t right. Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way. Yes, it is better if you are married with a poppin’ sex life. We know that. But the reality is that everyone isn’t married. However, I at least prefer that you are in a committed, monogamous, STD tested/approved relationship. Whatever the case may be the benefits are just the same. I was watching something on TV or listening to something that was discussing the benefits of a healthy sex life. It’s good for all kinds of things: self-confidence, heart health, blood pressure, immune system, counts as exercise, stress reducer, sleep, bladder control for ladies, and lessens prostate cancer chances for men.

Say whaaaaat? Yes, and that’s just some of the benefits. One of the main things I hear as a complaint from married folks and/or folks that have been together for a while is that their sex life is pushed to the back burner. I definitely am not trying to sing that song now or in the future. However, as a new mom, I can see how it can happen. I can imagine that maybe children and schedules complicate things for some. But hey, if it’s only 8-15 intense minutes, that’s better than nothing. Find the time to get it in. It is vital and can become crucial to making a relationship work. Honestly for me, there are many things I need, but a few that are non-negotiable: a bad sex life is at the top of the list. If you are with someone and it’s lacking, communicate about it. Talk about it often. Tell he/she what it is that is missing. I’d rather be challenged to step my (our) game up vs. somebody tipping out to fulfill that desire. Now some folks are just doggish and will tip anyway. But that’s a whole other issue/newsletter. Sex is a good thing— check out the benefits. Most importantly, be safe and be sure. Can’t let just anybody in your most intimate world and you sho-nuff can’t give everybody your best!!

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