Heels, Thongs, Tight Bras – Oh My

The best part of my life at this time is being comfortable. That’s right – I am not about “that life” anymore.

What life you may ask — that 4″ stiletto or high heel life. I have turned into a complete wedge wearer. I need to buy some stock in Aerosoles, that’s how much of my money they get. When I was younger, I used to put on my heels and I was hurting – thinking “Oh honey, it hurts to be beautiful!” Oh how I’ve learned that this isn’t true. It doesn’t have to hurt to be beautiful. I will admit, that a nice heel may do an outfit justice, but my feet will be killing me if it’s not a date night. I definitely have some heels that are labeled “date night” shoes – meaning you put them on, walk into the venue and sit down. If it’s a reception or networking event and I have to walk around, I will be in cute flats or some nice wedges. It kills me when I see women at the football games in 4″ heels. I personally think it is a little too much, but to each its own.

Medically, high heels have received various reviews. Overwhelmingly, podiatrists agree that high heels ruin your feet. High heels are the root of many problems with women’s ankles, knees and back. I personally have bad feet. I have flat feet and it’s hard to find a shoe that supports. Honestly, it almost feels better If I am in some type of heel. If I wear flats, they hurt my feet because of the lack of support. So I try to find a brand that kind of meets both needs. Flip flops and ballerina flats are also bad for your feet and back. Doctors say that they offer no support for your ankles and cause your toes to overwork. In addition, they have zero shock absorption. Flats or flops need to have a cushion that supports the arch and help lessen the chance of sprains.

I am all about preservation at this stage in my life. I know that getting healthy and losing weight will help a great deal. I also realize that super high heels have helped to damage my foot, as well. I am not telling you to stop wearing heels or flip flops; I am just saying be cautious and aware of the affects it may have on your feet and overall physical health.

*Bonus: Ladies, learn how these five things that are hurting us:

1. High Heels

2. Tight, Low Rise Jeans

3. Too-tight bras

4. Thongs

5. Spanx/Shapewear

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